Fall 2019 Electives
September 18 – December 18
Wednesdays from 4:00-5:30 pm

Grades 2-7
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Offering 4 electives for Fall 2019.

Instructor: Shirah Neumann

Hiddur Mitzvah, literally meaning, “the beautification of a mitzvah,” are actions that glorify, or beautify, the observances and celebrations within Jewish tradition, in particular Shabbat and the holidays. In this art class we will introduce a variety of materials including clay, paper, printmaking, and dyeing techniques while learning about and creating our own decorative ritual objects.
Many of you know Shirah as the JCA Education Coordinator. She is also a visual artist and taught at Maine College of Art for several years before moving to Leverett with her daughter.

Instructor: Felicia Sloin

Explore traditional Jewish folktales through the expressive arts. Students will be introduced to drama, drumming, puppetry, interpretive dance and more. Felicia will create a playful environment for students to learn about their creative selves.
Felicia is a Cantorial Soloist, Singer/Songwriter and Jewish “Entertain-ucator” who utilizes music, puppets, rhythm, rap and ritual to inspire Jews of all ages to celebrate their culture and community.

Instructor: Sam Coates-Finke

Baking students have three tasks: feed themselves and the school community, set aside some bread to give as tzedakah, and study the ritual and history of Jewish baking. Each class starts with a study session during which we learn everything from Jewish ritual and prayer for bread (saying motzi and taking challah), to debates about how best to do the mitzvah of giving tzedakah, to learning how Jews around the world have used bread and baking from biblical times to now. Then, bread students put themselves in that tradition: they shape and bake bread in the wood-fired oven, enough to eat themselves, feed the rest of the school and their families, and enough to give away as tzedakah.
Sam is a teacher-baker and the founder of Backyard Bread, bringing fire and food to our communities and linking to traditions that are thousands of years old.

Instructor: Mammi-Ama Ofori

Explore Jewish music and dance from around the world, learn to connect Yoga and Jewish texts, and have fun while getting your body moving and grooving.
Mammi-Ama is an Ashanti-American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She is classically trained in piano and also plays African and Indian drums, guitar, clarinet, and cello. She is the Director of Music at The Common School and resides in Amherst with her husband and son.

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