Winter/Spring 2019 Electives
January 9 – April 10
Wednesdays from 4:00-5:30 pm

Grades 2-7
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Offering 4 electives for Winter/Spring 2019.

Instructor: Hannah Elbaum

Join Teacher and Smith student Hannah Elbaum in exploring Jewish values through art.  Begin with a Jewish text, explore its meaning, and find ways to express your thoughts and understandings through a variety of art media including: water colors, acrylic paints, charcoal, colored pencils, collage and more.  Work with your class to curate your work, and create a museum exhibit to share with parents and friends at the end of the semester.

Instructor: Melissa Zeitz

Join teacher Melissa Zeitz and explore the many ways that technology can be connected to Jewish values and texts.  Learn to analyze Torah by using word clouds, create your own Jewish video game, using circuit science create light up greeting cards and more.

Instructor: Sam Coates-Finke

In the spring semester, teacher Sam Coates-Finke will explore tzedakah and food justice with the baking students. When each delicious creation comes out of the oven, there is often an intrinsic desire to eat your fill, and take the rest of what you have made home with you. Through a process of creating intentional thought, Sam will work with students to become aware of the food need in our community, and help them to make decisions about how much of what they bake they give away, and how much they keep for themselves. It is our hope, that over the course of the semester, students will learn to actively embody the values of tzedek, and gemilut hasadim through the giving up of most of their baked goods to causes such as the Amherst survival center.

ELECTIVE #4 – MODERN HEBREW (For Grades 6/7)
Instructor: Mimi Farb

Introduction to Hebrew through basic vocabulary and grammar. Gain confidence in both speaking and understanding the language, while exploring how the grammar of an ancient gendered language is changing and evolving in a society that is trying to be inclusive of LGBTQ+ people. Teacher Mimi Farb is a graduate of Mt. Holyoke College, and recently worked on developing The People’s Beth Midrash: Northampton, a home for Torah study that centers voices that have been historically marginalized. Coming from a background in studying and teaching Torah, Mimi is passionate about actively bridging Torah study with the work toward justice.

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