Donations & Membership

Thank you for your support! We appreciate all payments and donations to the JCA.

We are especially grateful for unrestricted gifts to our General Fund that help to support vital programs and operating costs as outlined in our annual budget.

In addition to our General Fund, we have five Restricted Funds (Building, Cemetery, Emergency, Rabbi’s Discretionary, and Ritual Life Objects) where monies are reserved for specific purposes and not available for operational needs. Any donations designated to these funds will be held in the separate accounts for future use.

All donations made to the JCA are logged in, tracked, and acknowledged according to the wishes of the donor. If a donation is designated to a specific line item in the JCA budget (e.g. Oneg/Kiddush) rather than to a Restricted Fund, it will be used to offset our expenses for that line for the current fiscal year. If donations exceed expenses for any given line item, the additional revenue will be redirected to help balance the overall JCA annual budget.


For detailed information about our membership dues structure:

Dues Structure