Survey from the JCA Cemetery Committee

General Statement:
Our committee is trying to assess how much of our available undeveloped land at the JCA cemetery should be set aside for Conventional burial vs. Green burial. We recently opened our first Green burial section, with availability of approximately 50 plots. The Conventional burial area has 15 plots left that are un-purchased. Getting input from our members will be very helpful to our decision-making process as we plan the future development of our cemetery.

Brief Definitions:
Conventional burial: a cement grave liner is used to contain the casket in the earth, and a cement foundation anchors the headstone; burial depth is 5 feet; you have ability to stipulate where in cemetery you want to be buried
Green burial:  no cement is used to contain the coffin or headstone; burial is at 3.5 – 4 feet; sequential burial is used (ability to be buried next to loved one is possible, we just can’t stipulate where plots will be); and trees and roots are preserved as much as possible
*PRICE of plot in either area is the same.

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