Tzofim Friendship Caravan Hosting

We are looking for Camp Shemesh and/or JCA families to host members of the Tzofim Friendship Caravan. Hosting 2 or more Tzofim is preferred.
Monday July 1:
– 3:30 pm – Arrive to Camp Shemesh to meet the Tzofim.
– Evening – Tzofim sleep at your house. You provide dinner.
Tuesday July 2:
– Morning – You provide breakfast at your home. We will be providing Tzofim with lunch, no need to pack anything.
– 8:45 am – Bring Tzofim to Camp. If you have children who are registered for camp, but not this session, they are welcome to stay for a free day today!
– 2:30 pm – Tzofim Special Performance at the Yiddish Book Center (with A/C). Families are encouraged to join!
– 4:30 pm – Pick up Tzofim at the Yiddish Book Center. If you have campers they can stay for this extra hour, too!
– Evening – Tzofim sleep at your house. You provide dinner.
Wednesday July 3:
– 7:30 am – Bring Tzofim to JCA. We invite your family to stay for breakfast provided by JCA & goodbyes.

– 8:00 am – Tzofim depart.


Interested in hosting? Please fill out the form below and we will contact you with further information. Thank you!

  • please briefly describe
  • Are you able to provide all transportation as described in the hosting schedule?
  • Please list what animals you have (cat, dog, bird, etc). Some Caravan members have allergies.
  • You may use this space to add anything or ask questions