Camp Shemesh Teen Referrals

At Camp Shemesh, we serve campers entering 1st-6th grade. Teens entering 10th grade are invited to come back to participate in our CIT program and begin the process of learning to be leaders and counselors. View JCA Employment Opportunities for more info.

What about the years in between?  

These years mark a crucial transformation: our teens are transitioning from being campers, to being leaders. They are looking for more out of their summer program than just being participants. They are seeking out significant ways to contribute and grow. This transition is challenging to facilitate within the Camp Shemesh community. Without some distance of both time and space between themselves and the campers, teens often have a hard time getting into the leadership frame of mind.  

To effectively transition from camper to counselor requires an experience that inspires renewed motivation sourced outside of what they’ve received from Shemesh. This experience is most effectively achieved through immersion among Jewish peers and mentors, and we have put together a list of programs that we believe will provide this inspiring motivation that rising 7th, 8th, & 9th graders need in order to come back to Camp Shemesh and be effective CIT’s and counselors.

Camp Havaya – This is the official overnight camp for the reconstructionist movement.  They are located in South Sterling, PA.

Camp Eden Village – An organic farm and summer camp all in one.  Located in Putnam Valley, NY, this camp focuses on integrating Jewish values and traditions with outdoor education.

Camp Tel Yehuda – This camp, located in Barryville, NY, is part of the Young Judaea youth group.  Their program focuses on building leadership skills and a life-long commitment to Israel and the Jewish People.

Camp Ramah New England – Located in Palmer, MA and affiliated with the conservative movement.  Camp Ramah offers many programs, including a Hebrew language immersion program.