Dear Friends,
I’ve had a few days to rest, and I’ve put up my Sukkah, but the experience of the High Holidays is still fresh.
I’ve appreciated the notes I’ve received, expressing pleasure and surprise that these days were meaningful, despite the strange circumstances. I would say one of the most significant reasons why that turned out to be the case is that I decided to rely on the congregation–far more than usual–to generate the content.
Over Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we were moved and enlightened by the poetry and reflections of our fellow congregants. The paradoxical result was that although we were not physically in the same place, we were deeply together.
I’m so proud to share with you this High Holiday 5781 Literary Supplement, which I’ve assembled with the invaluable help of Jan Levy. Please click HERE to read. In this document, you will find the text of all of the pieces that were shared throughout the holidays.
I’m honored to have the text of my four sermons appearing alongside them.
Shabbat shalom and chag sameach,