Wednesdays • 12:15 – 1:30 pm

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Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Benjamin Weiner continues its investigation of Halakha, or the tradition of Jewish law. Over the past few years, we have investigated a variety of topics: holiday observance and perspectives on Shabbat, divorce, suicide, death and mourning, purity and impurity, kitniyot, the giving of tzedaka.

The conversation is intellectually stimulating and emotionally expansive, giving participants the opportunity to deepen their traditional Jewish knowledge and process the thoughts and feelings that the material brings to light.

Please be assured that if you have not already become a part of this meaningful, oddly exhilarating, and even fun exploration, it is never too late. You can come and go as you’re able, and drop-ins are always welcome. Bring your own lunch, and please remember that JCA kashrut rules allow only for dairy and pareve foods inside the building—no meat!

No registration needed.