I want to put it a plug here for the “Yiddish Farm School”, which combines two of my great interests: Yiddish and sustainable agriculture. This particular enterprise is run by an intrepid group of young people, at least one of whom is the grandson of Mordechai Schechter, z”l, a legendary Yiddishist with whom I had the honor to study many years ago at the Columbia-YIVO summer program.

I met the Yiddish Farm folk this past Labor Day at the Hazon bike-ride retreat. I haven’t seen them farm, yet, but I can attest that they speak some pretty great Yiddish.

Here’s some information about applying to their summer program:

Yiddish Farm Summer Program


*Application deadline one month away!*

*Speak Yiddish.* *The best way to master a language is to speak it.*Participants in our program experience hundreds of hours of sustained Yiddish immersion with native speakers.

*Build Community.* *Yiddish is more than a language.* It is the
culture that unites our intentional community. Join us as we eat, learn,
work, sing and dream together in Yiddish.

*Live sustainably.* *Not just a fad:* We grow food, enrich the soil,
and minimize waste. Our goal is a Yiddish-speaking community living in
harmony with history and nature. Help us get there.

Want to live in a pluralistic Yiddish-speaking community this summer?
Spend your days farming organically and studying Yiddish language,
literature and theater? You can’t experience this anywhere else but
Yiddish Farm! For more information, please visit our Summer
Program page: http://www.yiddishfarm.org/summerprogram.html
or email

*Registration closes on March 15. For dates and applications,*

Yiddish Farm
71 Dzierzek Lane
New Hampton, NY 10958